Process Overview

The whole process of setting up a new language version of is separated into three big steps:

  • 1) Preparation (This Course)
    • Translating core elements (functionalities) of your language version of website (see next section)
    • Translating first important pages for your language version
    • Creating first sample content
    • Building a small team
  • 2) Community
    • Recruiting and motivating authors
    • Facilitating and training for authors
    • Building relationships to users, teachers and author-related partner organizations
  • 3) Professionalization
    • Fundraising
    • Building a local Serlo organization
    • Building a team of professionals
    • Building partnerships for systemic impact (e.g. social organizations and educations NGOs)
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Ronnit 2018-06-06 14:02:22
It would be cool, if one day we add a visualisation here, to also include vague time scales :)