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Tutorial: The editor

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Layout of the editor

After clicking on the edit-button on the upper right of a page or an article you will encounter the editor view. The editor is split in two parts as seen below:

The row at the top contains various formating tools, like italics and buttons to insert (among others) images, links and formulas. Furthermore, you can use the arrows to undo or redo changes you have made and "Hide Plugins" to deactivate the Wiris formula editor. The green button on the upper left saves the progress you have made.

The right side of the editor shows two different segments: Title, content (a preview of your edit) and further information depending on the nature of the object you are editing. Further below you will find the license agreement under which every content on Serlo is published.

On the left side you can see the source code of the text that will be displayed on the page.

You can edit content here.

On the right a preview of your edit will be shown.

Here you can see how your changes will influence the page and choose the layout of the article.

Using the editor

Changing or inserting content

Find or create the right spot for your edit

  • If you want to edit an already existing part of an article, look for the passage on the right and click on it.

  • If you want to create a new paragraph, choose the spot where you want to insert it and click on the plus between the existing paragraphs. You can now choose between different standard layouts for your paragraph.

Edit content

After clicking on the paragraph you want to edit, use the panel on the left to make the changes you desire. Click here and begin to write! The following tools are at your disposal:

  • the markup language Markdown for plain text

  • the WIRIS formula editor and Latex for mathematical expressions

  • the buttons at the top for inserting links, images, Geogebra applets or just to improve your workflow.

Deleting content

Find the paragraph and delete it

  • If you just want to delete part of a paragraph you are simply "editing content" - refer to the introduction above.

  • If you do not want to empty but remove an entire paragraph, click on the part of the article you want to delete on the right and then use the "Remove Row" button. After confirming your deletion request the paragraph will be erased. Please be aware that this operation can not be undone!

Saving changes

Before you exit the editor you will have to save the changes you have made. To do this, click on the button on the upper left after you have accepted the license agreement (positioned on the lower right side). While saving, you can also choose to receive updates about future changes to this article.

To ensure a high and stable level of quality on Serlo your edit will be reviewed by another community member before it will be implemented.

So much for theory. If you want to try out the editor, just go to our testing article and experiment with it.

Have fun editing content on Serlo!