Create the subject area

Inform your Serlo Contact that you reached this stage now. Serlo Contacts might be system administrators themselves or they will contact one for you in order to create the subject area (like A new subject area includes

1) the starting page

2) the navigation on the left

  • topics (= first level of the subject taxonomy)
  • Contribute to Serlo-yoursubject
  • unreviewed edits (= list of new edits that haven't been checked yet by a reviewer)
  • edit taxonomy (= leads you to a backend where you can edit the taxonomy of your subject)
  • guidelines (see below for more information)
  • trashbin (= shows the trashed content and allows you to reactivate it)

Create the starting page

The starting page is the landing page for everybody who visits your subject. It should respond to all the different interests that people could have when visiting your subject (learn, inform, participate, support). The minimalist version of the starting page includes:

  • mission statement
  • example content
  • possibilities to contribute

You can find a model starting page in the Google Drive folder that your Serlo Contact has provided to you. Just copy the text elements and the formatting elements (Markdown Code) and paste it into the editor.

This might also be the first time you will work with our editor, so we recommend to have a look at the basic description on how to edit content.

Create the guidelines page

The guidelines page (in the navigation under "contribute to Serlo-yoursubject") is a collection of important links to the general quality guidelines of Serlo and - if there are any - to special subject related guidelines from other language versions of Serlo

You can find a model guidelines page in the Google Drive folder that your Serlo Contact has provided to you. Just copy the Markdown-Code and paste it into the editor.

Discuss Comments

On course-page Create the subject area: Taxonomy needed?
Simon 2016-04-21 16:13:53
Shouldn't the taxonomy be prototyped in an external document first? Furthermore we don't want empty taxonomy, so we should recommend to built taxonomy only if content is going to be added.
On course-page Create the subject area: Prozess neu strukturieren
Simon 2015-09-07 15:09:26
1) Fach anlegen
einen sys-admin bitten:
- das Fach anzulegen
- zwei pages anzulegen + Navigation
-- Beispiele von schönen Seiten anderer Fächer (sofern vorhanden ;-)
-- Minimalcontent in Stichpunkten
- admin Rechts zu übertragen (für Taxonomy, Inhalte etc.)

2) Taxonomy
Hier geht es um die GROßE Frage, wie das neue Fach strukturiert ist
- Wissen aus der Research-Phase einfließen lassen
- Absprache mit / Erfahrung von anderen Serlo-Teams
- Taxonomy bauen
- sys-admin bitten, die Taxonomy in die Navigation einzubinden

3) Beispielinhalte
Ein Thema beispielhaft aufbereiten um etwas nach außen zeigen zu können und mit Zielgruppenkontakt beginnen zu können
- Für ein Thema entscheiden
- Thema auf der Seite aufbereiten (Hier muss sehr viel Wissen von anderen)
- Testen mit der Zielgruppe
- Beipsielinhalte auf der Startseite verlinken
On course-page Create the subject area: Uebersetzungen noetig
Benjamin 2015-08-31 08:54:32
New Here Page:
Aktuelles und Planung :
Das sollte am Anfang reichen. Oder?