Team Organization

Based on our experiences at Serlo, we suggest the following steps and tools to establish work flows.

In case you don't have a Google email address yet, we recommend creating one in order to be able to use Google Drive and Hangouts.

Weekly Working Session

Organize weekly working Sessions of one to two hours. You could also use them to share updates and talk about strategy. For the setting, have a look at the tips for Sprints below.

Organize Sprints

Sprints are dedicated to specific tasks, like creating content for a specific topic. Sprints help the team to get a substantial amount of work done while celebrating yourself for it. The duration of a sprint is between two hours and a whole weekend.

Be creative in combining the sprints with having a good time, e.g:

  • Start off with having dinner together.
  • Choose a cozy café with Wifi in the city as your co-working space.
  • Prepare one of your flats as part time office.
  • Ensure, that there is always plenty to eat and drink.
  • Maybe you can ask a startup or company with a beautiful office, if they are willing to donate some space for your new Serlo team?
  • reward yourselfs with some out door activities after the sprint.


We suggest to use the following tools to strengthen the interoperability with Serlo Education headquaters:

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Ronnit 2018-02-20 16:01:30
Should Highrise be mentioned as a CRM? We designed the guidelines and tag system in English so that it would be transferable.