Serlo Education is based on a fascination for Wikipedia and the hope of using free education to make the world a better place. Below, we outline the eight basic principles defining and underlying Serlo Education. These are mutually dependent and shape our work on a daily basis:

Serlo is a Wiki

Similarly to Wikipedia, content on is created by our online community. Anyone can join. The community holds the huge potential to create rich, diverse and creative services across multiple school subjects and language areas. All other principles form essential prerequesites for the activation of the online community.

Free of Charge

The complete range of content on is and always will remain fully free of charge.

Free Licenses

All content created on is under a free licence, and can therefore by copied, modified and redistributed. is a website for Open Educational Resources.

No Advertisements never has nor will use banner advertising or other publicity for commercial purposes.

Based on the Work of Volunteers

For the first four years, Serlo Education was built on a purely voluntary basis. A large team of volunteers was driven by their passion for the topics and their commitment to providing free education. Volunteers are still regarded as the central pillar of the project. The role of paid team members is to support our volunteers, together with the development of software and the management around the project.

Independent and transparent

Sponsors have no direct influence on the content on To prove this, we disclose our financial situation, our decisions, our plans and the impact we are achieving.


Serlo Education is supported by a recognised charity, the Society for Free Education. The charity is not allowed to hand out any money or revenue to any of its members or employees. The returns of the society may only be used to enhance the goals according to the Statute. Employees receive moderate salaries.

Democratically organised

All community members, team members and users have the opportunity to take part in the Serlo Education plenum, where the use of funds and strategic objectives are decided.