2Process Overview

The whole process of setting up a new language version of serlo.org is separated into three big steps:

  • 1) Preparation(This Course)

    • Vision-finding for your language-version

    • Building a small team

    • Translating core elements (functionalities) of your language version of serlo.org website (see next section)

    • Translating first important pages and other necessary information for your language version

    • Creating first sample content

  • 2) Community

    • Recruiting and motivating authors

    • Facilitating and training for authors

    • Building relationships to users, teachers and author-related partner organizations

  • 3) Professionalization

    • Fundraising

    • Building a local Serlo organization

    • Building a team of professionals

    • Building partnerships for systemic impact (e.g. social organizations and educations NGOs)

We would love to support you with every step, so if you don't have yet, don't hesitate to contact us under en@serlo.org.

The following pages represent now general overview of the basic but important milestones you will/may face as a Serlo Language Coordinator in the first step. We hope these orientation articles will support, motivate as well as engage you and your future team on this exciting journey.