Develop a vision

Nothing motivated more than having a big vision and having goals. It helps to ensure focus, to know what you are working for and also is extremely important to onboard new collaborators. So before you start your work on your version of Serlo you should take your time to develop a vision! :-)

Ask yourself for this: who do you want to help and what do you want to achieve with your language-version of

Important: try not to let this vision become to big in the beginning. You will have enough time to change the whole world, but set yourself achievable intermediate steps. Try really to focus on one problem!

We have found the following framework to be useful:

  • Who do you want to help learning? Target group (age, socio-economic background, region).

  • Which help is already out there? What is good? What not? Get to know the system (it can be usefull to create a stakeholder-map ).

  • How do you want to help the target group with Your solution.

For these points it can also be usefull to collect feedback from a) the Serlo-Community and b) the target-group.

Ask your Serlo-Guide to help you with this hugely important step and fill in the planning-document for languages.