Team Organization

Based on our experiences at Serlo, we suggest the following steps and tools to establish work flows.

In case you don't have a Google email address yet, we recommend creating one in order to be able to use Google Drive and Hangouts.

Weekly Working Session

Organize weekly or bi-weekly working Sessions of one to two hours. This regularity is extremely important to keep everyone motivated and helps you develop a team-spririt. You could also use them to share updates and talk about strategy. For the setting, have a look at the tips for Sprints below.

Organize Sprints

Sprints are dedicated to specific tasks, like creating content for a specific topic. Sprints help the team to get a substantial amount of work done while celebrating yourself for it. The duration of a sprint is between two hours and a whole weekend.

Be creative in combining the sprints with having a good time, e.g:

  • Start off with having dinner together.

  • Choose a cozy café with Wifi in the city as your co-working space.

  • Prepare one of your flats as part time office.

  • Ensure, that there is always plenty to eat and drink.

  • Maybe you can ask a startup or company with a beautiful office, if they are willing to donate some space for your new Serlo team?

  • reward yourselfs with some out door activities after the sprint.


We suggest to use the following tools to strengthen the interoperability with Serlo Education headquaters: