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Renate 2019-07-11 11:59:51+0200
According to Serlo's guidelines you are allowed to associate content to a topic only if there is no other topic as child of the topic.

Therefore the course "Decimal fractions" has to be removed from "Numbers and quantities" because there are two topics "Basic arithmetic operations" and "Decimal fractions" both beeing child of "Numbers and quantities".

I suggest: Dissociate the course "Decimal fractions" from "Numbers and quanities" and associate it with "Decimal fractions" (
jakobwes 2019-07-12 12:23:21+0200
Thanks Renate for your comment. This is indeed a good suggestion. Is just moved it :)
Best regards
Renate 2019-07-13 08:10:22+0200
Thank you very much, @Jakob!

Now the taxonomy structure of this page complies with the guidelines, I think.
You may archive the discussion.

Best regards