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On this page you can propose new features and changes for anything involving software. Please use the discussion channel linked below. Thank you!
Already existing proposals can be prioritised with an upvote.

We are happy about every suggestion, however ask for a detailed description to make our work easier.

Possibilities for what to include in your suggestions:

  • Mentioning the subject at the start of the posts, for example "Biology"
  • Detailed description of the features
  • Reasoning why the change is required
  • Possibly the urgency of the suggestion

See this old feature suggestion page in German (it is empty at the moment): https://de.serlo.org/feature-suggestions

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On article Feature Suggestions:
Simon 2018-07-24 18:36:11+0200
Können und wollen wir die Video-descriptions bei der Einbindung via injection weglassen (siehe unschönen content wie hier https://de.serlo.org/mathe/zahlen-groessen/bruchrechnen-dezimalzahlen/brueche/brueche-kuerzen-erweitern)

Oder können wir meinem Vorschlag folgen, dass (wie bei Applets) unterschieden wird, ob man es in einen Artikel/Kurs einbindet oder als isoliertes Lernobjekt?
Knorrke 2018-07-24 19:21:53+0200
Hi Simon, Thanks for the suggestion :-) We've tracked that in our issue management system already https://github.com/serlo-org/athene2/issues/623 Principally this is possible, wo

I think that we should at least question, if we want the same system as with applets: The default case with videos is probably, that you want them in the taxonomy as well, whereas alot of applets are only usefull in the context of an article so only injected. But it's definitely possible.
Simon 2018-07-24 19:33:36+0200
Thanks Knorrke! On the other hand, there are also use cases, where you don't want videos as separate objects in the taxonomy, e.g.
- "Eine Lösung vorrechnen"
- a mini snippet, that only makes sense in the context of a course
- more videos on the same topic as additional or alternative material at the end of an course or article
Knorrke 2018-07-25 07:18:24+0200
Maybe we can wait a bit and see if the way with the applets works out. Might be a good testcase before doing the same with videos.