Tinsaye 2016-01-06 18:52:22
you can also get the ID with "Teilen" (second pic)
Nish 2016-01-28 10:02:20
Hello Tinsaye,
I have read your comment but today (I did'nt get any notifications).
Vannessa and I have spoken about this method and we did'nt mention this her because we thougt that one method is enough and it should always work. Ok?
Tinsaye 2016-01-28 13:13:29
Hey , actually my comment is just a reminder for Simon... have sent you a screenshot via Slack.
What do you mean with "it should always work" , because i don't know any case where it does not! (BTW the method you mentioned is not touchscreen friendly)
Nish 2016-01-28 13:56:43
Oh, thanks. I wrote "it should always work" because I was not 100% sure if there are any cases where it does'nt work. So I don't even know any cases :) Good note, Tinsaye. Some time, I am going to mention the method with "Share".
Nish 2017-01-12 18:28:16
Finally, I managed to add this part ;)
On user anjanajain727: Packers and Movers Bangalore Bestows Good Relocation Services
anjanajain727 2015-12-30 05:16:34

Various movers and packers businesses is there with Bangalore intended for supplying separation solutions with along with through the Bangalore. These firms produce moving services intended for home switching plus with regard to professional separation. These companies produce wide selection connected with providers pertaining to move needs. These companies gives excellent services similar to packing a great unpacking companies, launching as well as unloading services, house switching, home/office relocation, car company carry services, warehousing and also hard drive services, rate mail along with courier companies, shipment cargo providers and lots of some other style of services.

These lenders get rich commercial infrastructure intended for providing moving as well as warehousing companies. These companies have most current products intended for relocations products and services, diverse measurement connected with pots and also variety of diverse dimension connected with vehicles. They have big big shops having top quality storage amenities. Most of these stores are thoroughly water-resistant as well as safeguarded. These businesses include nicely qualified in addition to seasoned workers regarding moving services. All of these employees tend to be of good backdrop and ethical. These kind of individuals usually are always wanting to last and also pleased to assist in your current move needs.

So in the event wish separation providers select good Packers along with Movers Bangalore centered organizations. That they be aware each of the moving headache in addition to make your current moving sleek whenever possible. These lenders present broad range associated with providers in respect prime your finances. You'll be able to carry total assistance wrap up as well as customize service in respect people prerequisite and also price range. Entirely assistance package deal each of the providing as well as unpacking, filling unloading shifting and rearrangement associated with goods are usually completed through the support provider’s you do not need to believe everything within your separation action. The many things to do usually are carried out skillfully from the Bangalore packers movers plus they get cares each of the trouble of the moving with his consideration. Where as with customise products and services group you'll be able to pack and also unpack as well as alter the products by yourself and rest of the activities are generally conducted from the Packers and Movers Bangalore based corporations.

But if your finances allows you have to pick entire assistance group given it is utterly safe and sound along with all the stuff are generally accomplished with the specialist personnel associated with Movers and Packers Bangalore firms. A cautious supplying will save you your merchandise via just about any deterioration in the course of transportation regarding products. It's the same far better packing is completed with the firms they utilizes premium quality providing resources plus carried out providing meticulously. And so choosing a beneficial providing as well as relocating business and also help to make ones move hassle-free. http://www.shiftingsolutions.in/packers-and-movers-pune.html

On user anjanajain727: Happy Experience upon Shifting from Delhi to Hyderabad
anjanajain727 2015-11-19 06:03:54

It turned out the entire year involving 2013 as i seemed to be moving into the particular nation's funds town Completely new Delhi. This time My partner and i seemed to be doing work in any most respected organization. We ended up being thrilled throughout Delhi having my children : my lady as well as my own boy. With 2nd Sept 2013 the particular employer connected with our corporation stated with regards to transport regarding my personal career for you to Hyderabad; and also My spouse and i started to be happy experiencing regarding my personal move together with advertising. Later in the day When i mentioned that beneficial a new comer to my lady as well as your woman in addition grew to become you should to know which. I had created 30 days involving getting ready moment regarding adjust. What i'm saying is I had created to help transfer to help Hyderabad inside initial 7 days involving March 2013. Since i have had been moving into Completely new Delhi intended for 7 many years I'd obtained several family outcomes which include pieces of furniture, home equipment along with required things. After i organized a listing involving what to always be moved to be able to my personal brand new dwelling When i had been bewildered in addition to concered about our transfer. My partner and i considered generate an income could change numerous house things by myself without the support. Nevertheless several pals were being prepared to support us nonetheless it has not been enough to create moving practice much easier along with much easier. We likewise didn't recognize the right way regarding supplying. My partner and i had been additionally concerned about injuries associated with things change. So that it has been absolutely some sort of major problem in addition to most our exhilaration gone away pondering after the procedure involving transferring.

My partner and i discussed my own nervous together with most of our people. Just one pal advised us to employ specialized packers along with movers. He / she mentioned if My spouse and i seek the services of companies associated with specialist going firm i quickly won't have to complete something. Things coming from supplying connected with primary product with existing spot to unpacking regarding past merchandise on brand new location are going to be performed thoroughly by simply professional specialists. The item was fairly sweet; as well as We thought i would use expert packaging in addition to transferring companies of 1 associated with packers as well as movers throughout Delhi. Once more My partner and i considered truley what organization I ought to retain the services of regarding packaging as well as shifting solutions. It turned out yet again any tough activity personally to discover the proper, dependable, seasoned as well as very affordable transferring program. I needed heard of numerous conditions associated with new house purchase cons. Therefore my own anxieties ended up proper.

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It had been really remarkable as well as hassle-free connection with shifting by Delhi in order to Hyderabad along with specialist Packers along with Movers Delhi. Genuinely, skilled going assistance is usually worth-hiring.

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Packers and Movers Hyderabad @ http://www.shiftingsolutions.in/packers-and-movers-hyderabad.html
On course-page In this course: Old Brainstorming
Benjamin 2015-10-28 06:27:31
Gedächtnis Stützen

- Serlo E-Mail-Adressen mit Google for non-profits
- Task-Management und Kollaboration: Asana
- Dokumente: Google docs
- Dateien: Dropbox
- Passwörter: Passpack
- CRM: Highrise
- Mail-Verteiler: rise
- Newsletter (zusammen mit den anderen Teams): Mailchimp


- Sprints vs. regelmäßige Termine?
- Gute Sitzungsleitung etc.
- Team building Methoden / Energizer
- Jährliche Struktur (Workshops, Klausur, Halbjahresupdate)
- Regelmäßige Gesprache mit den Teammitgliedern

- Wir wollen eine eigene Serlo-Kultur erschaffen

- Wie man ein Planning hält (Asana, matrix, neues sprint und so)
- check-in → erzählen, wo man her kommt, wie es einem geht, was einen beschäftigt und was man
besprechen möchte
- am Anfang einer Besprechung alten sprint aufräumen
- scrum erklären
On course-page Find the initiation team: On first or second meetup
Tinsaye 2015-10-22 18:19:23
Maybe it would be nice to show them serlo.org live on a laptop or something. How the page works as a student but also how to edit things , a littel information about the structure ...
On topic Community Building: Was noch gebraucht wird
Benjamin 2015-10-08 11:25:12
Website Buttons für die verschiedenen Gadgets (https://en.serlo.org/47318-this-course)
Merchandizing Artikel fürs Guerilla Marketing (https://en.serlo.org/44503/guerilla-marketing)
On course-page Research and mission statement: On course-page Research and mission statement: Yes
Helly 2015-10-02 13:28:53
Research: The third question cannot be anwered with Yes ;)
Benjamin 2015-10-05 12:23:08
Really good hint Helly. Thank you. I'm pleased to see that you're reading the topic. :D
On course-page Research and mission statement: Time
Tinsaye 2015-10-02 08:38:50
Well one of the improtant first Questions should also be if you have the capacity regarding to the time and effort. I shound not sound as a warning but as a good personal advise for not beeng overwheelmed during the beginn phase. So one can adjust yourselve oneself.
Benjamin 2015-10-02 10:05:44
I adopt that.
On course-page Find the initiation team: Meetings, making flyers...
Tinsaye 2015-10-02 08:10:24
For the organisator, it is allways great to know where to find those Informations like "about Serlo, Numbers, .... " We could refer to the dropbox Folder where they are located or even better make a collection of those which are relevant and helpfull for the beginning. Maybe i can make a list of the "FAQ's " so one is well prepared on the first meetings.
Benjamin 2015-10-02 10:07:52
Great Idea. If you have the time that would be really nice.
Benjamin 2015-10-01 12:15:45
1. gifts to community members
2. ranking (from Newbie to grandmaster) by active contribution
3. public appraisals (e.g. newsletter, blog, facebook)
4. precedence in information flow (big news are announced in the community first)
5. Parties
6. share stories of individual and community succeses to capture best practices and create excitment and momentum
On topic Community Building: Was noch gebraucht wird
Benjamin 2015-10-01 08:17:21
1. How to raise funds
2. How to organize a team
3. How to organize a Serlo Academy
4. Translation of Simon's the changer interview
On course-page How to keep them and encourage more contribution: Brainstorming
Simon 2015-09-18 16:00:06
Als Ergänzung zu "Identification" und "Ease to use" fehlt "social relations":
- Die Community Member müssen soziale Beziehungen eingehen können
* schnelle Antworten/Interaktion im Kommentarsystem, persönlicher Schreibstil
* Persönliches auf dem Profil erzählen, damit die Community-Mitglieder dich als Mensch wahrnehmen können
- Community-Veranstaltungen (haben wir noch nicht gemacht, müssen wir uns noch überlegen)
* Serlo Community Conference
* monthly Community Meetup
* Editons (abendliches Treffen zum gemeinsamen Bearbeiten)
* Long night of Serlo

Gedanke von Benni: "City Communities" - Strukturen anderer subject communities in der Stadt gemeinsam nutzen. Eventuell eigener Kurs zum Thema City Communities (fundraising with local relation, work with local schools, local partners like univiersities ...)
On course-page Orientation: stakeholder
Simon 2015-09-16 14:18:45
I recommend to link to the stakeholder overview from e special page and make clear how important that page is
On text-solution 41648: thumbs up Solva
Simon 2015-07-22 18:22:27
realy clear and beautiful step by step solution
On text-solution 41660: explanation
Simon 2015-07-22 12:57:56
"Zeros at the end of a number do not change its value." is a explanation and should therefore stand in the left column. Furthermore, you can repeat the exercies at the beginning and write the first sentence in the right column too.
On text-solution 41644: solution in left column
Simon 2015-07-22 11:57:02
As the right column is only used for explanations, the sentence "Since 0
Simon 2015-07-22 12:10:18
continuation: .. 1, the decimal fraction 3,61 is larger than 3,60." should stand in the left column as part of the solution. I also commented that in the German Serlo
On user anjanajain727: About Three Good Funds Saving Relocating and Tips
anjanajain727 2015-07-17 06:36:41

Relocating residence! Residential move! Switching! Residence moving! House goods moving! Whatever you decide to contact it, the task of shifting as well as switching in one spot to a different isn't only stressful, agonizing, frenzied, and time-consuming but a costly extramarital relationship which will create a big ditch as part of your pants pocket as well as separate ones again consideration.

If you want to cut costs with your proceed, as well as want to help make ones move reasonably priced since you have got restricted funds; then you definately should acquire advantages of down below pointed out 3 fantastic ideas; which could help minimize all round move price tag. Check out most of these great income keeping separation points.

For anyone who is among those unfortunates who are over a restricted price range and also are not able to afford the excessive price tag connected with shifting services you might need to understand these types of income keeping going ideas.

Lessen Loadings -- Remove Junks and also Old Objects

When you have a small number of items to change then it truly is although clear you will don�t you have to face major expenses with separation since skilled packers and also movers organizations don't offer their particular services in at no cost. They're going to impose a fee a tremendous amount rather than their particular products and services. Around my point of view, new house purchase is best in addition to ideal time period pertaining to eliminating junks, previous items and items you don't utilize or maybe do not need to utilization in long term. Thus acquire relocation really. Do away with things you don't such as in addition to help save a large sum of money on skilled movers as well as packers.

packers and movers Hyderabad
Wrap up Items You to ultimately Spend less on Skilled Taking

You can defiantly reduce shifting price if you're able to bunch your items about by yourself without using specialist providing companies involving shifting company. For anyone who is certainly not pro with taking you then might study some packaging ideas and also techniques from other. You possibly can ask assist from your family and friends associates upon providing regarding things. It can be confident you could help save providing price tag by means of packing items on your self nevertheless make sure you use good quality and also stable packing products like boxes, cartons along with cushioning materials.

Evaluate Transferring Prices connected with Top Packers along with Movers

The item is just about the greatest solutions to produce move cost-effective; beneath the funds. You will need to compare diverse written estimates via diverse potential movers and also packers corporations of your area or maybe area so that you can find concepts about services and also examine this fees to choose the actual inexpensive 1. Complete this may flawlessly complement your requirements your finances. You need to never go out of your reach.

I hope tips in addition to recommendations aforementioned in this posting will allow you to lower your expenses on your transfer. Get benefits of these types of a few points as well as help to make move inexpensive.
packers and movers Hyderabad @ http://www.top8pm.in/packers-and-movers-hyderabad.html

packers and movers Mumbai @http://www.top8pm.in/packers-and-movers-mumbai.html