On Page Tutorial: Taxonomy: Proposual for text passage
Renate 2015-07-13 10:18:44
As a GERMAN langhelper I seem not to have the Serlo rights to edit this page; so here is my proposual for the text passage we talked about:

From the functional point of view the tasks of Serlo's taxonomy are:

* arranging the hierarchy of topic pages and curriculum pages
* setting titles and descriptions of topic pages and curriculum pages
* structuring the display of Serlo's learning objects

Renate 2015-07-13 10:49:38
When I read that now again, I think :
"structuring ..." is not so good as
"arranging the display and order of Serlo's learning objects" , which you wrote above.

So my proposal now: Leave it like it is - even if the word "arrange" is used twice.
On user anjanajain727: A few Fantastic Funds Saving Relocating and Guidelines
anjanajain727 2015-06-29 07:34:26

Transferring household! Housing moving! Switching! Residence moving! Family items shifting! Whatever you contact it, the procedure regarding moving and also changing derived from one of place to yet another isn't just tense, distressing, busy, along with time-consuming and also a high-end affair that may create a big pit as part of your pants pocket and in many cases crack the back account.

If you wish to lower your expenses with your move, or maybe want to make your current shift cost-effective when you get limited funds; then you definitely need to take benefits from below pointed out a few good points; that may help lessen all round new house purchase cost. Take a look at these kinds of great income preserving move tips.

For anyone who is one among individuals who are over a confined spending budget and also cannot afford the large price connected with relocating services you might need to recognise these dollars protecting shifting suggestions.

Decrease Loadings - Eradicate Junks along with Old Goods

In case you have a small number of what to shift and then it can be nevertheless evident that you will n't have to take care of large prices in moving simply because skilled packers and movers businesses will not supply his or her products and services with cost free. They are going to impose a fee a substantial amount in place of his or her solutions. Within my perspective, move is the better and also excellent time regarding reducing junks, aged objects and goods you may not utilize as well as tend not to want to use within potential. So consider relocation absolutely. Eliminate items you don't including and also conserve a tremendous amount of money on specialist movers and also packers.

Group Items Yourself to Conserve about Specialist Packing

You possibly can defiantly lessen transferring charge if you possibly could load up your stuff about by yourself without making use of specialist packaging solutions connected with transferring business. If you're certainly not professional within providing then you certainly may study several supplying guidelines in addition to secrets and techniques from some other. You are able to ask for support by your friends and family associates on providing involving things. It really is positive that one could help save providing price by providing items with oneself although you should definitely uses quality in addition to sturdy providing provides like packing containers, cartons in addition to underlay products.

Assess Transferring Rates connected with Best Packers in addition to Movers

That is just about the ideal solutions to create moving inexpensive; within the budget. You have to evaluate different quotes by different likely movers in addition to packers organizations of one's locality or even city to help you find thoughts regarding providers in addition to review the fees to pick out this reasonably priced one particular. Complete one which will probably completely go with your requirements pictures spending budget. You may need not to ever go out of your reach.

I really hope tips and suggestions aforesaid in this posting can help you cut costs in your move. Consider benefits of most of these a few ideas and also produce new house purchase reasonably priced.
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On user anjanajain727: Home Move on Constrained Budget
anjanajain727 2015-06-29 07:33:35

Non commercial relocation is definitely an high-priced extramarital relationship as well apart from being a time-consuming and complicated procedure. It might horribly have an effect on your finances as well as particular predicament. It might make a major pit in your pocket. Although you will find undoubtedly many methods to begin create housing moving using a restricted finances. In the event you’re transferring on the constrained finances there are many means to help you out lower new house purchase cost, lower your expenses but still proceed all of your possessions correctly in your brand new property.

Lower your expenses upon Taking Provides and Resources

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Work with Bags, Briefcase and other Packing containers of your home

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Eradicate Rubbish Objects and Old Stuff

Guess what happens; transferring property will be the correct and greatest occasion to remove almost all crap goods along with outdated possessions that you can't employ or don’t would like to utilization in long term. Simply remove unusable objects. If you would like eliminate many older things that are nonetheless usable you possibly can give the crooks to an area charity. You can even set up some sort of car port purchase or perhaps public sale pertaining to these kinds of outdated operational things; which will enable you not just remove products but additionally assist you generate many extra cash.

Group Ones Possession Yourself or maybe along with Aid involving Friends

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On course-page Answer First Questions: Thoughts about the questions
JonasBl 2016-07-01 09:20:44
The questions (I think) need to answer the following things:
1) Your own experiences
2) Your own motivation
3) Your own ideas
4) Your own skills
5) The problems that students are facing
JonasBl 2016-07-01 09:26:16
These answers would achieve the following things:
1) Knowing what content to create first
2) Express your own motivation - quite important to get going (why am I doing this?)
3) Getting a first idea of a mission statement. You now know what to tell others if you want to ask them to join you.
4) Knowing what people you need to find
On course-page In this course: Old Brainstorming
Benjamin 2015-10-28 06:27:31
Gedächtnis Stützen

- Serlo E-Mail-Adressen mit Google for non-profits
- Task-Management und Kollaboration: Asana
- Dokumente: Google docs
- Dateien: Dropbox
- Passwörter: Passpack
- CRM: Highrise
- Mail-Verteiler: rise
- Newsletter (zusammen mit den anderen Teams): Mailchimp


- Sprints vs. regelmäßige Termine?
- Gute Sitzungsleitung etc.
- Team building Methoden / Energizer
- Jährliche Struktur (Workshops, Klausur, Halbjahresupdate)
- Regelmäßige Gesprache mit den Teammitgliedern

- Wir wollen eine eigene Serlo-Kultur erschaffen

- Wie man ein Planning hält (Asana, matrix, neues sprint und so)
- check-in → erzählen, wo man her kommt, wie es einem geht, was einen beschäftigt und was man
besprechen möchte
- am Anfang einer Besprechung alten sprint aufräumen
- scrum erklären
On course-page Build structures: tools and communication channels
Simon 2015-10-06 13:09:52
1. priority
- Trello for task management and assignmen responsibility overview
- Slack for communication (install App and dektop client!)

2. priority
- Serlo Mail Adresses for trustworthy core team members who communicates to external contacts
- Google doc for knowledge and text
- access to dropbox "folder for everyone"
- Facebook group
On course-page Build structures: Community Channels
Tinsaye 2015-10-02 08:29:15
I would add as a tip: not to use to much channels for the beginning.... But it is improtant to use some even those like Asana because that provides a professional impression. Which one you use depends on what you want to do...
Maybe we can letter classify which are good for what. And also here i will report you my experiences, so we have some best practice guids.
Benjamin 2015-10-02 10:01:54
Thank you. :D You´re totally right. I tried to improved that.
On course-page Build structures: University group
Tinsaye 2015-10-02 08:20:20
I wouldn't write "(it could be, that you have to become a university group for that)". Especially for groups working on content and if the organisator is already a student then : "( you shoub become a univerity group)". The reason is that you have much more perspectives on getting support and is better to communicate. Every student knows what university groups are, whene you want to present Serlo on some events like the Introductory then you have better chance getting a station.
Tinsaye 2015-10-02 08:42:34
This has been answered on the next course :D
On article In the beginning was... the plan: Different stuff
Verena 2015-09-25 10:14:44
- That which has not been planned will not exist! -- "That" stört mich hier, ist sprachlich nicht so schön. Vorschlag: Nothing will ever exist if is has not been planned before.
- Milestones are not only sub-Goals but also Goals which Need to be fulfilled before continuing with another important Topic or step.
- "You have written down your milestone plan?" --) Have you written down your Milestone plan? oder noch schöner: Have you defined your Milestone plan?
- Tabelle Working Schedule: Implementation Plan. 1. Choose (2 o) 2. Build up oder Construct 4. Let Students, teacher, other collegues... check the pages (Satzstellung war falsch)
- Actually, it's just a summary of that course: Actually, it's a summary of that course (not: just)
On course-page Our communication goals: Ziele des Marketing ergänzen BRAINSTORMING
Simon 2015-09-16 14:45:39
- Kommunikationsziele nach Priorität
* wir erreichen folgende sozialen Wirkungen..
* Serlos Teammitglieder sind jung, cool, talentiert und interessant
* Serlo steht für folgende Werte..
* wir kommen voran und es passieren immer neue Sachen

- In folgenden Zielgruppen sollten Menschen so oft wie möglich von Serlo hören nach Priorität
* Lehrer, Lehrerverbände und Gewerkschaften
* Stiftungen und Szene der sozialen Projekte und sozialen Unternehmen (falls in deinem Land aktiv: OER-Szene)
* Schüler
On article What is a community?: pls switch
Simon 2015-09-16 14:21:42
please switch ambasssador and admin because the attached information is "on the wrong side" at the moment
On course-page Where are we?: link target group
Simon 2015-09-16 14:19:55
to stakeholder overview
On course-page Build Structures: Gedanken die noch so sind
Benjamin 2015-09-14 15:42:19
Wie man ein Planning hält (Asana, matrix, neues sprint und so)
check-in → erzählen, wo man her kommt, wie es einem geht, was einen beschäftigt und was man besprechen möchte
am Anfang einer Besprechung alten sprint aufräumen
Benjamin 2015-09-14 15:44:57
Scrum erklären
On topic Community Building: Skills we are looking for at the moment
Benjamin 2015-09-10 08:20:42
* How to raise funds
* How to create a new Country Page
* How to create a new topic navigation
* How to create Content
On course-page Research: Ausbau dieser Seite
Simon 2015-09-09 14:33:51
Einleitender Gedanke: collective Impact - Als gemeinnützige Organisation wollen wir Bildung frei zugänglich, vielfältig und partizipativ machen. Das schaffen wir niemals alleine sondern nur gemeinsam mit vielen anderen, die auch zu diesem Ziel beitragen.

Was solltest du wissen
- Wer macht das schon gut?
- Welche guten Ideen gibt es, dein Fach digital zu vermitteln?
- Was gibt es noch nicht bzw. nur schlecht gemacht oder mit viel zu viel Werbung etc. - womit kann Serlo schnell einen Mehrwert leisten?
- Mit wem können wir womöglich kooperieren, weil idealistisch motiviert, gemeinnützig, frei lizensiert/Open Source?

Um das zu lernen, empfehlen wir eine Tabelle zu erstellen, in der vorhandene Angebot mit folgenden Informationen eingetragen werden...
On course-page Create a mission statement: may be instead of skills - roles
Simon 2015-09-09 14:11:17
organizers, netwrokers, educationalists, teacher, community managers, communicators ...
On course-page Orientation: Weiteres zum Team organisieren
Simon 2015-09-07 15:36:08
Ideen / Gedächtnisstütze
- Sprints vs. regelmäßige Termine?
- wo Räume finden
- Gute Sitzungsleitung etc.
- Team building Methoden / Energizer
- Jährliche Struktur (Workshops, Klausur, Halbjahresupdate)
- Regelmäßige Gesprache mit den Teammitgliedern

- Wir wollen eine eigene Serlo-Kultur erschaffen
On course-page Orientation: neue Seite Team organisieren
Simon 2015-09-07 15:30:07
- Serlo E-Mail-Adressen mit Google for non-profits
- Task-Management und Kollaboration: Asana
- Dokumente: Google docs
- Dateien: Dropbox
- Passwörter: Passpack
- CRM: Highrise
- Mail-Verteiler: riseup
- Newsletter (zusammen mit den anderen Teams): Mailchimp