Get involved!

Like Wikipedia, Serlo works through the collaboration of its users.

There are several ways you can get involved with Serlo:

1. As a student or professional

Become part of the team! The most important task for our team is to support the community by contributing and editing content like articles, exercises and courses as well as translating pages into other languages. The team is also responsible for developing the software, fundraising and starting new subjects and language versions.

People working with Serlo have a wide variety of educational backgrounds. We offer a uniquely positive and inspiring work environment in an innovative social non-profit organisation.

Here you can find more information about our Team.

If you are interested in working with us or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us under We are sure that we will find a suitable responsibility where you can bring in your talents!

Serlo Team

2. As a teacher

We are convinced that the personal connection between teachers and students is crucial for successful learning. Computers and digital learning materials can not substitute the teacher. Ideally computerized learning materials can make a substantial contribution to support learning cycles. Serlo is a tool that supports autonomous learning and peer-to-peer learning in class and at home. As a teacher you can gain from this learning environment through opportunities for individual support for students.

How can I use Serlo for my class?

You can combine learning with new media and giving students ownership over their learning progress by creating your own learning materials in class. While students make a substantial contribution to open education they gain not only technical skills but also learn how to condense the most important facts for understanding a certain subject.

What can I do when content is missing?

Serlo is created by a community of students, teachers and active volunteers of every age. We would be delighted if you would be willing to support our project:
provide content: we are continously looking for exercises that we can publish on our page. Do you have a respective idea or a collection of exercises? Please send us the material and get in touch with us.:
recommend us to active students: Do you have students in your class that are good in a subject and are interested in volunteering at a non-profit organisation? Maybe you even want to start a Serlo Working Group at your school and add missing content?

I found a mistake!

Despite our constant quality control through teachers and students every now and then mistakes occur. Like Wikipedia, Serlo is a communal project that is constantly growing. If you find a mistake, please register and correct the mistake or leave a comment on the page. We will try to correct it as soon as possible.

You have suggestions or want to get involved?

What do you think of the project? Do you have any recommendations or wishes? Do you see any conflicts or problems? Do you or your students want to collaborate? Please contact us, we very much look forward to your message!

3. As an organization

We are a young initiative for a more just education. We are always happy to exchange experiences, ideas and to explore opportunities for cooperation.

  • Just and equal education is an important issue also for your organization? You are working with disadvantaged children and youth and are looking for an educational project to cooperate with?

  • You have learning materials and content that you would like to make accessible to many people through a webpage?

  • You have an idea on how to cooperate or simply want to exchange some experiences?

Feel free to contact us under We are looking forward to your message!

4. As a company

Every year, parents in the UK invest £6 billion in private tuition. According to the PISA survey, education is very dependent on the parents' income. The McKinsey Global Institute claims that in North America and Europe, companies will require 16 to 18 million more college-educated workers than will be available in 2020.

  • Serlo enables students to understand and practice maths autonomously - for free, accessible and interactive. We make students independent from commercial tuitiion and make students enthusiastic about what they learn through inspiring learning materials.

  • Serlo guarantees innovative, professional and charitable engagement with a focus on young people. If you want to support us, your employees could do that by dedicating their time and their knowledge. We would also be pleased to talk with you about opportunities for corporate volunteering in case you want to support us in a midterm- or longterm perspective. We are very much looking forward to your message under

  • Of course, we would be very pleased if you would also support us finacially and donate for our work.

You can find a list of all companies and organizations that support Serlo here.

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