Why am I part of Serlo?

Education is the most powerful tool to change peoples' lives and thus to change the world. Unequal access to education promotes further economic, political and social injustice. I am fascinated by the idea that one article on a topic that needs one hour to create can help millions of students that are looking for an easy and accessible explanation. I have benefitted a lot from people who were passionate about my education so I think that I have the responsibility to fight for a more just education system. Serlo is for me a unique place where I can reach for these high goals and produce concrete results every day.

My topics

  • At the moment I am mainly working on the cooperation with partners in the English-speaking world.

  • Another field of activity is the internationalisation of Serlo. Languages we are currently working on include Spanish, Turkish and Japanese. We are trying to make Serlo a tool that every student around the world but also everybody who wants to contribute content can use.

  • In the future I would like to contribute to the fields of politics, civic education and global history

About me

Trained as a political scientist and scholar of religion I am interested the politics of secularism, political and social theory and the politics of the Middle East and North Africa. Other passions include singing, in the closed harmony ensemble "stimmtz" and several choirs, and travelling without planes.


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