Part 1: Titel
  • Describe the topic shortly
  • Use singular
  • Start with a capital letter
Example Math

Part 2: Intro
  • Short definition or take home message (1-3 sentences)
  • No formulas (formulas cannot be illustrated by search engines)
Example Math

Part 3: Main Part
  • Can be an Overview, Theory or Method/Tool
  • Structured with sub-titles and bullet points
  • Short and concise
  • Stick to the topic and link to other articles if necessary
Example Math

Part 4: Example Exercise
  • 1) Show in detail how it is done (use the exercise layout for your subject)
  • 2) Example exercises in spoiler (ca. 3 exercises with increasing difficulty)
  • 3) Link to the additional exercise folder
Example Math

Part 5: Source


Position graphics
Example Exercise
Abbreviations, spoilers and lists
Improve clarity in the editor


  1. Summary instead of a systematic explanation
  2. Simple formulation without multi-clause sentences
  3. Address to the reader with “you”
  4. The content is structured with headlines and in small steps
  5. The content is structured in bullet points if possible
  6. Abstract descriptions (e.g. “Point A, line g) are instantly visualized with graphics
  7. After every theory section comes an example exercise
  8. After every example exercise comes further exercise in a spoiler
  9. After every example exercise spoiler comes the link to the exercise folder
  10. Important terms are linked to respective articles
  11. Important terms are highlighted
  12. In the end a respective course can be referred to and linked in the related content section
  13. In the end a respective video can be referred to and linked in the related content
  14. If possible cross-references to other subject are integrated (interdisciplinarity)
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