Exercises and Exercise Solutions

Exercises are the most frequent content type on serlo.org. Learners come here to test their knowledge and understanding of topics and use them in preparation for exams.

When creating an exercise there are four different types:

  1. Single choice

  2. Multiple choice

  3. Text input exercise

  4. No interaction

For each type it is mandatory to write detailed solutions / explanations.

Solution Structure

Part 1: Introductory sentence

The first sentence is meant to explain the topic / method named in the exercise title and contains links to explanatory articles.

Part 2: Solution strategy (optional)

For difficult or longer exercises we recommend describing a strategy in order to solve the exercise, or to give a short summary of the solution steps.

Part 3: Solution step(s)

In this part we separate the solution into small steps with an optional explanation. Keep the following in mind: All content should be adapted to your target group.

Part 4: Answer phrase (optional)

Write a final sentence summarizing the result of the exercise.