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About offers intuitive explanations, courses, videos, exercises and sample solutions. Students can use these to learn according to their needs and at their own pace. The entire offer is completely free of charge and advertising. is made possible through authors, software developers and project managers, who are inspired by our vision to make high quality education easily accessible to everyone. We are eager to offer students the opportunity to learn autonomously. Together we are building the Wikipedia for Learning.

Currently up to 1 million students learn with every month.

Learning with Serlo

Learning with


The German version of provides over 18.000 articles, courses, videos, exercises and explanations for math and other subjects.

Up to 1 million students use each month.

We are working hard to help students in other languages, like English, but we need your help in contributing (more) content!

Image is completely free of charge and without any form of advertisements. All content is published under an open license. Everyone is allowed to copy, use, distribute and improve it.

Creating Content is based on an online community - a Wikipedia for learning. Our community members create, link, organize and translate all of our content.

Experienced members of the community review everything published on and incorporate feedback to ensure the high quality of our content.

Join us now to make quality learning content available for everyone.


Serlo in Schools

Two boys learning with

In 2016, we created the first Serlo Lab Schools, an afterschool program which teaches students how to use independently. We also coach teachers to enhance their lesson with digital learning. Currently, the Lab School is available in Germany only.

What's Special About Serlo

  • The diversity of’s large community of authors and reviewers leads to high quality content that includes a range of different ideas, perspectives and teaching styles catering to a wide range of learning needs.

  • is and will always be completely free of charge and ad-free.

  • The entire content on are Open Educational Resources, meaning that it can be copied, modified and redistributed freely. Also, all code for is Open Source.

  • Serlo Education is a non-profit organization, owned and controlled by its members and employees as well as by teachers, students and education experts who share the vision of open education.

  • Transparency is important to us. The organization’s finances, strategy and impact evaluation are publicly available.

Interview With Serlo Education Founder Simon

Awards (selection)

  • Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for Serlo-Founders Simon and Aeneas

  • Winner of the SWM Bildungsstiftung Förderpreis 2019

  • Ashoka Fellowship for Serlo-Founder Simon, from 2018 onwards

  • Winner of the Pädagogischen Medienpreis 2017

  • Winner of the OER Award 2016 in the categories "Best University Project" and "Biggest Impact".

  • LMU Research Award for excellent students to Serlo co-founder Aeneas Rekkas for his work on the software of Serlo

Simon Köhl, Aeneas Rekkas, Bundesverdienstkreuz



Serlo Education has a unique history. The project was first inspired by a Simon's visit to a monastic school in Nepal by the name of Serlo. There, the idea of a learning plattform accesible to all with no charges was born.


Serlo Education is a democratically-organized, non-profit association. Important decisions are made participatively together in the Serlo Education plenum. Serlo Education legally belongs to the community to ensure that decisions are always in line with our vision.

Funding is completely free of charge and abstains from using advertising as a source of income. However, our software, web-server as well as general administration and organization come at a cost.

We cover our expenses as independently as possible and try to ensure that every euro we spend has a lasting effect.

The way Serlo Education obtains and spends money is described transparently in our annual financial reports available in German.

You can support Serlo Education by donating.


The Team

Part of the team behind serlo sitting on stairs is brought to you by an active online community of authors and our employed and voluntary team. All of us are passionate about our vision and eager to provide free education to everyone. Here you can find a list of our team members on the German platform.

Contact us

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us - we are looking foward to hearing from you!

If you understand German you can sign up to our newsletter to stay tuned. You can also find more detailed information about Serlo Education in our impact oriented annual report (both are only available in German).