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Permaculture Basics

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    What does the term "permaculture" describe? Choose the correct answer from the alternatives below.

    1. Permaculture describes the lifestyle of the Nences, an ethnic group in Russia. Their territory lies in the north of Russia, where most of the ground is frozen during the whole year (permafrost soil).

    2. Permaculture derives from the words "permanent" and "agriculture" and describes a sustainable lifestyle.

    3. Permaculture is the name of a street art movement in Buenos Aires whose members embellish cars with felt pens (permanent markers).

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    Permaculture vs. Sustainability


    Dig deeper: compare the concepts of permaculture and sustainability. What do they have in common, what differences are there?

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    Explaining permaculture


    People who ocupy themselves with permaculture are often asked what the term means. How would you explain it?


    Draw up a mindmap resembling you concept of permaculture. These questions arise often:

    • What does the term "permaculture" mean?

    • What are the goals of permaculture?

    • How are these goals accomplished?

    • Do you have an example?

    • Why do we need permaculture?

    • Isn't it a lot of work and renunciation to live permaculture?

    You can find an example mindmap in the solution.

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