Just like any other language, music too has signs and symbols.

Each different pitch is a NOTE and has a name. A group of 8 notes are called a SCALE (more to it later). We differ our notes by their location on the STAFF, and by the CLEF.

Ex 1: treble clef, staf, and a note.

Piano keyboard and notes names EX 2: Piano keyboard and notes names.


The notes names start from A to G.

EX: 3 1. Notes and their names

Each note has a place on the staff (those 5 lines), and by the relative location to the CLEF we can tell what note it is. The notes are either on the lines, or between the lines.

When you're out of staff lines because your desired note is either too low or too high, you can always add lines on top/bellow! For exmaple:

EX: 4

If your note supposed to be between the lines, you can add a line below it oe above it (notice the B notes in EX:4)

ADD some more text about it

……scale…. stems……


Without a clef, we won't be able to difer the notes. Each clef indicates a different RANGE. For exmaple, a Trebele Clef would be used for instruments with a mid to high range for examples - a flute, violin, and guitar, use treble clef.

On the other hand, the Bass Clef would indicate the low to mid range, and would be used for instruments like - electric/accoustics bass, tuba, and trombone.

EX 4: Treble Clef Treble Clef

EX 5: Bass Clef bass clef

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