An article is a short summary of the topic. Learners normally have some kind of familiarity with the subject and usually come to renew their knowledge or browse.


  1. Simple formulation without multi-clause sentences.

  2. Address the reader informally ("you").

  3. The content is structured with headlines and laid out in small steps.

  4. Abstract descriptions (e.g. “Point A, line g) are visualized graphically.

  5. Important terms are linked to corresponding articles.

  6. Keywords are highlighted


Part 1: Title
Part 2: Intro
  • Short definition, or take home message (1-3 sentences)

  • No formulas (formulas cannot be illustrated by search engines)

Part 3: Main Part
Part 4: Example Exercise
  • 1) Show in detail how it is done. For this take an exercise and embed it via injection. If you have to create the example by yourself, do it as an exercise-content type separately.

  • 2) Example exercises in spoiler (ca. 3 exercises with increasing difficulty)

  • 3) Link to the additional exercise folder