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Seamless Creation of Digital Learning Resources

The Serlo Editor makes it easy and intuitive for teachers to create multimedia and interactive digital educational resources. Just drag and drop your content elements where you need them and edit everything in-line like in Google Docs.

Through its flexible plugin architecture the Serlo Editor can be adapted to your LMS. Everything is open source and free of charge.

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What authors see looks just like what learners see
17+ Content Elements
Including many especially designed for supporting education
Drag and Drop
Sort elements with your mouse
Infinite Undo & Redo
We all make mistakes sometimes, no worries ;)
Structured Content
Guide authors with custom content templates


Single-choice exercises offer different answer options, of which only one is correct. For each answer authors can provide individual feedback to the learners e.g. to explain misconceptions behind common mistakes.

Live Example

If I had worn my glasses, I ______________(not step) on the toys.

Educational resources have been created with the Serlo Editor
~1 Mio
Students and teachers per month use Serlo Editor content
Authors so far used the Serlo Editor to create open educational resources


Latest Releases

  • Integrate H5P exercises in Serlo Editor content
  • Simple Autosave
  • Slash command to add new plugin
  • Import existing Serlo content
  • Redesigned plugin toolbar

Next up

  • Directly link to content sections
  • Exercise generation with AI ✨
  • Improved focus management
  • Integrated help section
  • Audio plugin


  • Improve Image plugin, easier uploads
  • Better keyboard navigation
  • Impact dashboard – supporting authors with usage data
  • Fill-in-the-gap exercise (new plugin)


  • Drag & Drop exercise (new plugin)
  • Better support for LMS integrations
  • Copy & Paste content across plugins
  • Automated OER license management

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Serlo Editor in your LMS

The Serlo Editor is free of charge and open source. We are going to offer all integration options requested by the community. Those might include:

  • JavaScript library
  • Docker container
  • Plugins for the most popular LMS
  • Software as a service

Are you interested in implementing the Serlo Editor in your LMS?
Please contact us with your integration requirements or feature requests.

Simon Köhl
Simon Köhl

About us

The Serlo Editor has been developed by Serlo Education, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing high quality, free of charge and open source educational resources to students and teachers worldwide. Find out more about us on


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