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Help for Editors depends on the cooperation of its dedicated authors - the community. All content can be edited and every edit is checked by one of our more experienced members of the community before they are put online.

We are working on improving and expanding the tutorials and guidelines every week. Please help us doing this by giving feedback at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

Tutorials for Editors

The following pages explain all the tools and functions of

For registered / logged in Users

For Reviewers

For Helpers

For Admins

For Language Admins

  • Build the navigation: How to build and edit the navigation (top, left, etc.) (Translations: German)

  • New Subject: How to create a new subject on a language tenant (Translations: none yet)

Interdisciplinary Guidelines

Interdisciplinary guildelines apply to all subjects and all language versions of They deal with tech-related requirements (e.g. rules for structuring the taxonomy, requirements for the optimization of the search engine or rules that ensure accessibility), values and basic principles (e.g. the use of free licenses), rules that ensure uniformity among the subjects (e.g. the choice of color) and respectful behavior as established in the code of conduct.

Guidelines for Learning Content

Guidelines for the structure of the learning platform

Other Guidelines

Subject-specfic Guidelines

Here you can find collections of guidelines regarding the various subjects. These guidelines define how the different formats of learning materials are standardized and used for the subjects on (e.g. the layout of a solution for a mathematical problem). Furthermore, they provide subject-didactic input and specify quality standards for the subject.