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Horizon Guidelines

The horizon is no advertisement. Serlo receives no payment from these suggested pages and expects no other benefits from them.

The recommendations of external education at the end of the page are supposed to be extracurricular opportunities.


The Recommendations Should …

  • Contribute to international understanding by imparting knowledge about foreign countries, cultures and religions and further tolerance.

  • Stimulate interest in art, literature and music.

  • Promote environmental awareness and responsible usage of resources.

  • Raise awareness of humanitarian crises and social challenges.

The Recommendations Must …

  • contribute to at least one of the aforementioned topics.

  • Be part of a charitable organization or an independent public body or at least be an offer that acts in the interest of the above-mentioned motivations.

  • Be appropriate for students of ten years or older in both language and structure.

  • Be of exceptional quality. It is our intention that the „horizon“ complies with the highest standards. It is not in our interest to increase our klickrate but to offer students of any educational background education of the highest quality.

  • Offer variety, diversity and regular innovations so that there is a reason to revisit an offer repeatedly.

  • Contain no advertisements or sponsoring.

  • Pursue education as their chief purpose. There mustn't be any political agendas or individual interests. Education is to impart with knowledge and not just the collection and presentation of information or news.

  • Contain no education of political parties for the sake of neutrality.

The Selection Process

The selection is conducted by a work group that consists of members of the online-community and members of Serlo to equal parts. The work group defines the selection criteria and tries to follow these criteria to the best of their ability.

The credo of the horizon work group: “We are convinced that education should not only be free and published under the Creative Commons License but also fulfill a contract that is defined by the context of current affairs. Simply put: Education should raise awareness of the most pressing challenges of present times.”

Decisions are made following the principle of consent.

Members of the Work Group




Suggest a Recommendation

Use the discussion module at the end of the page and post your suggestions for the horizon. Other users can comment on your suggestions and vote for it. Every suggestion with a value of nine of higher will be taken into consideration by the work group about whether it is accepted or not.