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Guidelines for Related Content

These are the guidelines for related content. You can find related content in the column on the right of every article or video. Its purpose is to link topics and provide students with different media.


For a tutorial to edit the related content, see Tutorial: Edit the related content.


The related content should remain manageable and should therefore never contain more than seven links.

What should be part of the related content?


If not yet generated, create the following categories:

  • "Related articles"

  • "Exercises"

Where applicable:

  • "Related course"

  • "External links"

  • "Videos"

  • "Application to other fields"

The order of the categories should be consistent, therefore please consider the following order:

  1. Related articles

  • Related course (If existing.)

  • Exercises

  • Videos (If existing. Not applicable by related content of videos.)

  • External links

  • Application to other fields

Related articles

If there a several approaches to a topic and they are covered in different articles, they should be referred to in the related content.

In addition, thematically continuative articles may be listed in the related content.

The linked articles have to be filed under "Related articles".

External links

If you find content on an external website that fits the topic, you can link to them in the related content. You can find websites that offer free education at the bottom of the page Förderer und Partner.

Please, link only websites that are free of ads and of charge and that are technically correct. The target page should show neither pornographic or other X-rated content nor extreme political or religious opinions.

Please consider that even young users at the age of ten years should be able to learn here.

Other formats

If there are exercises, articles, videos or courses for the exact same topic, you can link to them in the related content.

File them under the appropriate categories.

Other fields

If there are articles that cover topics that can be applied in other subjects you can create the category “application in other subjects” and link to an article where the topic is used. For example, you could link the article “exponential function” to a physics article about radioactive decay.

Please do always consider the guidelines for external websites!