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Applied Sustainability

On this page you can find the articles, videos and courses of Serlo Applied Sustainability.

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What is Sustainability?

picture by 政徳 吉田

The concept of sustainability originated from forestry, broadened over time and is nowadays used in various contexts.

In the following articles and exercises we want to explore the meaning of sustainability in different agendas, sustainable action, its impact on the economy, the environment, our society, and everyday life.

Plastic and its alternatives

plastic bottles

Microplastic in our food and environment - plastic is seen as one of the greatest environmental threats. Yet it is hard to imagine a world without plastic.

What alternatives exist and are they always better for the environment?

How to live and act sustainably


From saving energy and water to shopping locally and making our own products: Here's what we can do!


the earth

In this section, we will explore how our actions cause climate change and how we may tackle it.

For interesting courses about climate change, its causes and how to stop it, we recommend the following website: Courses (

(Urban) Gardening and Permaculture

Urban Gardening

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