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Help pages

Many of the help pages are currently under construction!


The help pages

  • are for quality assurance purposes,

  • ensure a consistent learning experience on, and

  • answer practical questions about content creation and editing.

Is a help page unclear? Are you missing a help page? Or do you have any other question? Then contact us via one of the options on the home page for authors!

New Subjects and Topics

You can start new subjects and topics in this area. If they grew to a certain level and are edited regularly, they can be transformed to a own subject on resp. get integrated in a existing subject.

A subject von goes through three stages:

  1. Preparation (in this area)

  2. Growth

  3. Professionalization

We are building comprehensive tutorials for every stage.

Of course you are also welcome to join one of the existing new subjects and topics below.

Would you like to get involved? Great! Please use our Chat or one of the other possibilities, we offer on


In this area, please feel free to:

  • edit everything regardless of the consequences

  • try to create new content

  • get familiar with unknown functionality

Have fun :)

Organise a Serlo Community


Hi! These pages provide a step-by-step guideline on how to organise a Serlo Community.

About Serlo

Work in Progress

This content is licensed under
CC BY-SA 4.0Info