On this page you will find information about Serlo Education and about our commitments corresponding with the German standard of "Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft."

1. Name, Address and Founding Year

  • Association of serlo.org: Serlo Education e.V., Munich, Germany
  • Address see imprint (in German)
  • Founded: October 28, 2009

2. Information About the Goals of our Organization

The Articles of Association:

  • Creating transparent and democratic education with participation of learners and educators.
  • Providing equal access to education for everyone.
  • Promiting self-determination and social responsibility through education.
  • Supporting learners throughout their education and vocational training.

3. Information About Tax Deduction

The owner of the serlo.org website is Serlo Education e.V., a registered association of public utility under the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Donations to the association are tax deductible within the European Union.

The association is registered with the tax office Munich for corporations under the tax number 143/216/10758 (UstID). Date of the last exemption decision: 19.03.2015, valid until the next examination every three years.

4. Name and Function of Decision Making Bodies

At the Serlo Education Assembly, representatives of the target groups, the team and the organization members make all important operational decisions.

The organization's board implements the decisions of the plenum. Here you can find the current members of the Executive Board.

5. Reporting

Here you can find our annual reports (in German).

6. Personnel Strukture

Three groups of staff and contributors

7. Information on The Source of The Funds

Here you will find a detailed disclosure of our finances (in German).

8. Information on The Use of Funds

Here you will find a detailed disclosure of our finances (in German).

9. Names of Legal Entities Whose Annual Payments Account For More Than 10% of The Total Annual Budget

  • 2014
    • Hans Sauer Stiftung
    • Zeidler-Forschungs-Stiftung
  • 2015
    • European Commission
  • 2016
    • Vector Stiftung
    • Hans Sauer Stiftung
    • Faculty of Physics LMU Munich
  • 2017
    • Zeidler-Forschungs-Stiftung
    • Faculty of Mathematics LMU München
    • Aqtivator gGmbH

You can find a list of all companies and organizations that support Serlo Education here (in German).