In this course

Growth is a bit more difficult than preparation. You know have to choose different goals and activities. You're goal is to reach the status of a mature community

Overview goals

You have two main tasks. Get as much contributors as possible and as much teachers as possible to review the new contributions. The following goals help you to fullfill this tasks.

Obligatory Goals



You asked other Serlo communities to announce the new City Community

You finished preparation

The Start Event

You finished the preparation, planned and did it.

Teacher's Pet Award

You got 5 teachers to regularly give feedback and review new written articles

Newsletter junky

You are able to post on three different serlo-extern newsletter (for example newsletter of the university)

The Duet Badge

Regular* two meetings in the week with at least three persons

Trifecta Badge

Regular* three meetings in the week with at least three persons

You became an official university group

You met the requirements for that and reached a critical mass (6 regular* attending people)

The Mature Community Badge

You got 5 teacher, an own office and at each of the three meetings in a week at least 5 people attent. You have management meetings two times a month.

*regular means 3 times in 4 weeks

Other important Goals



The community got it's own office

After you become an official university group

The Networker

regularly meet at meetups and changer hangouts with other organizations and entrepreneurs at this city

Overview regular activities

Work, Play and Learn events


When do you start with them?

Regular Meetings

Already in Preparation. Foster after the Start Event.

Long night of Serlo

After your Semester Opening Event/ After your Start Event

Serlo Games Evening

The same as above

The Serlo Weekend

When you got enough people for such a weekend. Maybe around 10?

Serlo Pitch Workshop

The same as above

Serlo Academy

Look at the Page for Serlo Academies

Serlo Party

Maybe at the end of an Academy?

Everything will be explained more thoroughly when we have some experience.

Actions to find new Contributors



Regular hirement of new teachers

Always. Really important.

Regular working at Public Relations


Semester Opening Event (the same as the Launch Event)

At the beginning of each Semester

Serlo Party

At the end of an academy/ In the semester?


We have no idea, what that could be. Except, that it should entail food.

Search for local support

Let us talk about that in an other article

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