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Learning with

With the free learning platform,, we want to enable you to study independently and at your own pace. Simply select the subject you want and access a variety of learning content, which is organized by topics and curriculum. All content is interlinked to help you quickly look up concepts or methods that are not quite clear. The linked content is also an invitation to pursue interesting details or even just to stumble across related topics, if you fancy it! Below, we've collected all the features of the learning platform that will assist you in your learning process.

How to Find Content

This section will show you how to find the content you are looking for.


By Topic

Topic pages give an overview of all learning content on For each topic, there are clear explanations, videos and practice questions with detailed step-by-step solutions. So you can learn about a topic and then start practicing it right away!


By Search

With the search tool in the top right corner, you can find all topics and subtopics with just two clicks. Search for a key term (for example “hypotenuse”) and the search will come up with relevant explanations and exercises.

By Curriculum

Learning content on is structured based on the high school grade level or national curriculum. Just choose your curriculum and then your grade level.


How to Learn With

This section will show you how to learn with



Explanations on are short summaries written simply and supported with videos and graphics. Explanation pages is where linked content will take you to freshen up basics or look up formulas.

Interactive Applets

With interactive applets, you can visualise and experience correlations for yourself, for example, by moving the curves of a function to explore the correlation of the variables.



Courses and Videos offers a selection of the best tutorials. With the combinations of courses and videos, you can learn topics step by step.

Practice Questions provides a range of questions with different answer formats: textbox answer and multiple-choice. With instant feedback to your answer, you know immediately whether or not you understood the question.




In the sample solutions we provide with exercises, you can find a step by step calculation and, if necessary, use the linked content to look up required methods or prior knowledge.