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1Consent? - What? Why?

Do they want to have sex with me?

How can I find out?


What exactly counts as consent?


Are there other ways to consent than "asking"?

Welcome to our brand-new sex ed course on consent!

In the following pages, you will not only find answers to the questions above, you will also learn how to understand your partner better.


This course helps you to be even more respectful and loving with your partner. In other words, you will learn how to have better sex.


Boring topic?Surely not!


Watch this short clip in the metro in hip Berlin to get yourself ready for our amazing course:


Sex in Berlin: No means no


This course has been created by GenPol, a think-tank on gender and politics based at the University of Cambridge, in cooperation with Serlo.


Now click on the button on the right to get an overview of what you will learn in the course.

(Illustration by Elyssa Rider)

(Illustration by Elyssa Rider)

Feel it! Pulling someone closer can be a way to express consent.


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