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Before we speak about how to build up a community we should first examine the stakeholders at such a plan. We let out the Sponsors.

The community-participant-groups

  1. The Reader
  2. The Contributors
    a. The Community
    b. The Community Support

1. The Reader

Readers are users who do not contribute content but merely use it.
Our goal is to acquire as many users from the target group as possible and to acquire as many followers from the users as possible.

2. The Contributors

Contributors are users who provide content and „keep the whole thing going“.
In the community building topic we will focus on this group of stakeholders.

2.a.The Community

2.b. The Community Support

Where do we stand?

Where do we stand? You know how to build a project plan. You know which persons you will affect, or which persons you have to keep in mind.

Now we show you, what the project plan could entail. There are three possible way you can choose. Maybe you even want to choose more than one.

Which path will you choose?

Path to How to build a subject community

Path to how to build a new city community

Path to How to build a new Language Community

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