Serlo Bayreuth Picture from Guido Radig

What is our mission?

We want to build up a vivid Serlo community in Bayreuth, to support math, biology and other Subject Communities, provide a shelter and home for all serlo members in Bayreuth and thus help providing free education for all.

Upcoming events

Serlos Semester Start

What is it?

An information hour for all the people toying with the idea to join us

When is it?

On Wednesday the 22. October from 4 pm to 5 pm

Where is it?

In Room S22 atz HWII

How to register?

You do not need to register. But if you want to stay up to date you could join our [Facebook Event]()

Is there something to eat?

We made cookies. Want some? Come along!

You and Serlo?

Mail to

You want to join us? Come to our weekly meetings, join our facebook group or write an E-Mail to me. Click left for the E-Mail and right for Facebook

Facebook link

When do we meet?













Where do we meet?

Last Table in Café Serlo
Loftstraße 22
48493 Bayreuth

Are there job Announcements?

At the moment we have no free positions.

How could you contribute?

In Bayreuth we have our focus on biology and mathematics.

You are studying a different subject or you have different interests? Then you can contribute at our other construction zones, like chemistry, physics, permaculture, or internationalization.

Besides the editorial activities there are also tasks regarding

  • the management of a Non-Profit-Organization and other organizational matters

  • communications and public relations

Still nothing interesting?

Than come to us with YOUR ideas.

In Growth

In Biology we already have some really interesting articles and experiments. At the moment nearly everything was written by just two persons. On the one Hand its overwhelming, what they achieved. On the other hand you can imagine, how fast biology could grow, if just some more people join in.


Mathematik is the oldest and biggest Subject Community of Serlo. But there are still some missing points and posisble improvements. That's why you should not fear to contribute too.


Physics on Serlo is really jung. That's why the team works at the moment especially on the creation of Articles, Tasks and Videaos. Additionally they plan to develop other formats to ease the understanding of physics.

Who are we?

The Bayreuth Team consists currently of three enthusiastic individuals, Joanna, Selim and Piere. One of us studies Philosophy & Economics, one is going to be a Biology and Chemistry teacher and the third is a student from a local high school. Siegfried already did an internship at Serlo Munich.

Who we are

The picture was made by Stefan-XP

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