Find first team member(s)

Your main work as a language-coordinator will be to build a team, which works on the language and creates content. Also working together keeps the spirits up and leads to better results ;) So one of your first step should be to look for at least one other team member and to build a core-team.

Need support?

No idea whom to ask?

Our recommendation is to go by your personal network. Ask a friend or a colleague at the office or the university. You can either start small or go all in and dream big from the beginning on.

This way!

Ok, let's go!

If you don't know anyone in your personal network you can also try to search for collaborators via other channels. We made good experiences with Facebook, Email-lists or searches in universities. If you need inspiration or templates for the search just ask your Serlo-Guide or write to

Help for community-building and integration?

You can as your Serlo-Guide for help or support, or have a look at our best-practices for community-building


Also you need a range of different skills in your team. In our experience there are three main qualities which you need.

1) Identification with Serlo's vision2) Didactics3) Management

But the most important one is probably enthusiams for free and open-source education :-)